Linear Cable TV

Allocation Of Linear Ad

Linear ad branding allocation refers to the strategic allocation of advertising budget towards traditional linear media channels, such as television, radio, or out-of-home advertising, to build and strengthen a brand’s identity and awareness. It involves dedicating a portion of the marketing budget specifically for linear ad campaigns to reach a broad audience and create a […]

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Programming & Log Fixations

In the context of cable networks, “Programming” refers to the process of sorting and organizing shows and programs to create a cohesive and engaging viewing experience for the audience. It involves determining the schedule, order, and placement of various television shows, movies, documentaries, and other content. Sorting and organizing shows typically involve several considerations, including:

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The Spheres of Linear Cable TV: Entertainment in Timeless Fashion

In an era dominated by on-demand streaming services and digital media consumption, traditional linear cable TV continues to hold its ground as a popular medium for entertainment, news, and sports. Despite the rise of alternative platforms, cable television has evolved and adapted to the changing landscape, proving its relevance and resilience. This article explores the

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What is remarketing on digital platforms? If you’ve ever visited a website, you could have noticed that an advertisement for it appeared shortly after and while you were pursuing other websites online. Or perhaps you went to an eCommerce retailer, put some products in your cart, and then abandoned the transaction. You later came upon

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