TikTok Marketing

TikTok Marketing

What is TikTok Marketing?

TikTok marketing is the process of promoting a brand, products, and/or services to consumers on TikTok. Common TikTok marketing strategies include the creation of trend-driven organic content, using popular hashtags, and incorporating TikTok influencers into promotional campaigns.

How Popular is TikTok?

The short-form video app has seen rapid growth over the past few years as many users flocked to the platform to connect with their online audiences in new ways. In 2022, the rapid rise of TikTok saw the platform take the trophy as the highest-grossing app and the number of users is projected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2023. 

TikTok has over one billion active users worldwide. That makes TikTok 6th in terms of social network sites (excluding the Chinese version Douyin at over 700 million users), ahead of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Putting this into perspective: it took Instagram six years from its launch to gain the same number of monthly active users that TikTok managed to achieve in under three years. And for Facebook to hit the same monthly active users mark, it took the best part of four years.

How is TikTok Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

Unlike other major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, TikTok lets users create 15, 60 second, and now recently, up to 3 minute videos that allow users and businesses to create content targeted to a wide variety of audiences.

TikTok is unique in that it’s all about sharing relatable, engaging, and natural bite sized videos where users can create captions and distinctive overlays often set to popular music. It also has the ability to integrate automatically with the other social media networks making content easily shareable.

This in itself opens up a whole new level of connection with the audience your business wishes to target.

Who uses TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform that has gained widespread popularity, especially among younger generations. Here’s a breakdown of the main groups of people who use TikTok:

  1. Younger Generation: TikTok is particularly popular among teenagers and young adults. Users aged 16 to 24 make up a significant portion of the platform’s user base. These users are drawn to the platform’s short-form, engaging videos and creative features.
  2. Content Creators: Many individuals, often referred to as “TikTokers,” use the platform to create and share a wide range of content, including dance routines, lip-syncing videos, comedy sketches, educational content, challenges, and more. These content creators often build large followings and engage with their audiences through their videos.
  3. Influencers and Celebrities: TikTok has also attracted influencers and celebrities from various fields who use the platform to connect with their fans, share behind-the-scenes content, and showcase their personalities in a more casual and authentic manner.
  4. Creative Professionals: Some artists, musicians, dancers, and performers use TikTok to showcase their talents and gain exposure. The platform’s emphasis on creativity and originality makes it an ideal space for showcasing artistic endeavors.
  5. Entertainment Seekers: Many users turn to TikTok for entertainment and to discover funny, engaging, and relatable content. The platform’s algorithm suggests videos tailored to users’ interests, contributing to its addictive nature.
  6. Global Community: TikTok has a diverse user base that spans across different countries and cultures. Users from around the world create content, share their perspectives, and engage with global trends and challenges.
  7. Brands and Businesses: While not as prominent as individuals, brands and businesses are also using TikTok for marketing and advertising purposes. Some brands have successfully leveraged TikTok’s platform to reach younger audiences and promote their products or services.
  8. Educators and Knowledge Sharing: Some educators and experts have started using TikTok to share short educational videos, tips, and insights on various subjects. This has allowed them to reach a younger audience and make learning more engaging.
  9. Niche Communities: TikTok’s “For You Page” algorithm introduces users to content based on their interests. As a result, various niche communities have formed on the platform, focusing on specific interests such as beauty, fitness, gaming, cooking, and more.

Who are TikTokers?

“TikTokers” are individuals who actively use the social media platform TikTok to create, share, and engage with short-form videos. They are essentially the content creators on TikTok, producing a wide range of videos that can include lip-syncing, dancing, comedy skits, challenges, educational content, lifestyle vlogs, and much more.

TikTokers come from diverse backgrounds, and many of them have gained significant followings and recognition within the TikTok community. They often leverage their creativity, unique personalities, and relatable content to build engaged audiences. Some TikTokers have even become internet celebrities and influencers, with the ability to influence trends, drive engagement, and collaborate with brands for marketing purposes.

Key characteristics of TikTokers include:

  1. Content Creation: TikTokers are known for regularly creating and uploading content to the platform. They come up with innovative ideas for videos, often adapting to popular challenges, trends, and memes.
  2. Engagement: Successful TikTokers engage with their followers by responding to comments, participating in discussions, and interacting with their audience’s content.
  3. Influence: Some TikTokers have become influencers, meaning they have a significant following and can impact trends, fashion, behavior, and even consumer choices among their audience.
  4. Authenticity: Authenticity is valued on TikTok, and TikTokers often showcase their genuine personalities and real-life experiences to connect with their audience.
  5. Diversity: TikTokers represent a wide range of demographics, interests, and cultural backgrounds, creating a diverse and inclusive community.
  6. Collaborations: Many TikTokers collaborate with each other to create joint videos, participate in challenges, and cross-promote their content. Collaborations can help them reach new audiences and grow their follower count.
  7. Content Variety: TikTokers create a variety of content types, from entertaining dances and humorous skits to informative tutorials and heartfelt stories.
  8. Follower Growth: Building a following on TikTok often involves producing consistent, high-quality content that resonates with viewers and aligns with current trends.

It’s important to note that TikTok’s algorithm plays a significant role in the visibility of a TikToker’s content. The “For You Page” algorithm curates content based on user behavior, preferences, and engagement, allowing even relatively new TikTokers to gain traction if their videos resonate with a broader audience.

What Are The Benefits of Marketing on TikTok?

Marketing on TikTok can offer several unique benefits for businesses and brands looking to connect with a younger and highly engaged audience. Here are some of the key benefits of marketing on TikTok:

  1. Reach a Younger Audience: TikTok’s user base is predominantly made up of younger individuals, including teenagers and young adults. If your target demographic aligns with this age group, TikTok provides a direct way to reach them.
  2. Engaged and Active Users: TikTok users are highly engaged with the platform, spending significant time watching and interacting with videos. This level of engagement can lead to increased exposure for your brand.
  3. Creative Opportunities: TikTok’s short-form video format encourages creativity. Brands can showcase their products or services in unique and entertaining ways, leveraging trends and challenges to create engaging content.
  4. Viral Potential: TikTok content has the potential to go viral quickly. If your content resonates with users and fits within current trends, it can gain widespread visibility and reach.
  5. Authenticity: TikTok values authenticity, and users respond positively to content that feels genuine and relatable. This can create a positive image for your brand if you’re able to create authentic content.
  6. Brand Awareness: TikTok can help increase brand awareness among a younger audience that might not be as present on other social media platforms. Building brand recognition early on can lead to long-term benefits.
  7. Influencer Collaboration: Collaborating with TikTok influencers can help your brand tap into their established follower base. Influencers can create content that showcases your products/services in an engaging and persuasive manner.
  8. Trend Participation: Participating in trending challenges and memes can help your brand stay relevant and demonstrate a willingness to engage with the platform’s culture.
  9. Direct Interaction: TikTok enables direct interaction with users through comments, likes, shares, and duets. This engagement can help you build a community around your brand.
  10. Ad Formats: TikTok offers various advertising formats, such as in-feed ads, branded challenges, and branded effects, allowing you to choose the best approach for your marketing goals.
  11. International Reach: TikTok is a global platform, which can be beneficial for brands aiming to expand their reach beyond their local market.
  12. E-Commerce Integration: TikTok has been experimenting with e-commerce features, allowing brands to link directly to products in their videos, potentially leading to direct sales.
  13. Data Insights: TikTok provides data and analytics to help you understand the performance of your content, allowing you to refine your strategies over time.

Types of TikTok Ads for Business

TikTok offers several types of advertising options for businesses looking to promote their products or services on the platform. These ad formats allow you to engage with the TikTok community and reach a wider audience. Here are some of the main types of TikTok ads for business:

  1. In-Feed Ads (Formerly Known as “Native Ads”): In-Feed Ads are short video ads that appear in users’ “For You Page” feed as they scroll through their TikTok content. These ads can be up to 60 seconds long and can include a clickable call-to-action button that directs users to an external link or app store. In-Feed Ads blend seamlessly with the organic content on the platform and autoplay when users scroll past them.
  2. Branded Hashtag Challenges: Branded Hashtag Challenges are a way to encourage user-generated content around a specific theme or challenge related to your brand. Businesses create and promote a hashtag challenge, and users are encouraged to create videos using the hashtag. These challenges can help create buzz and engagement around your brand and products.
  3. TopView Ads: TopView Ads are full-screen, auto-playing video ads that appear immediately when users open the TikTok app. These ads have high visibility and can be up to 60 seconds long, allowing brands to make a strong initial impression.
  4. Branded Effects (AR Effects): Branded Effects allow businesses to create and promote custom augmented reality (AR) effects that users can apply to their videos. These effects can include branded filters, stickers, and other interactive elements that users can use to enhance their videos.
  5. Branded Scan: Branded Scan is an interactive ad format that leverages TikTok’s AR technology. Users can activate AR effects by scanning a specific object, image, or QR code using their phone’s camera. Brands can create unique AR experiences that engage users when they interact with their physical surroundings.
  6. TikTok LIVE Advertisements: TikTok LIVE allows users and creators to broadcast live videos to their followers. Brands can collaborate with influencers or creators to host live events, product launches, tutorials, and more. During the live stream, brands can interact with viewers through comments, and the live stream can also include interactive elements.
  7. TikTok Shop Ads: TikTok is increasingly integrating e-commerce features into the platform. TikTok Shop Ads allow businesses to showcase their products directly within the TikTok app, making it easier for users to discover and purchase products.
  8. Custom Influencer Packages: TikTok provides the option to collaborate with influencers to create custom ad campaigns. Influencers can create authentic content that resonates with their followers while promoting your brand or products.
  9. Local Business Ads: Local Business Ads are designed for small and local businesses. They allow brands to target users within a specific geographical area and can include a “Call Now” or “Get Directions” button to encourage local engagement.

TikTok Ad Specs

TikTok ads have specific specifications for different ad formats to ensure that your content looks and performs optimally on the platform. Here are the general ad specifications for some of the main TikTok ad formats:

  1. In-Feed Ads:
    • Video Length: 5 to 60 seconds
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16 or 1:1
    • Resolution: 720×1280 pixels or 1080×1080 pixels
    • File Type: MP4 or MOV
    • File Size: Up to 500MB
    • Sound: Recommended to use sound; users can control sound playback
    • Caption: Up to 100 characters
    • Call-to-Action (CTA): Available CTAs include “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” “Download,” and more
  2. TopView Ads:
    • Video Length: Up to 60 seconds
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
    • Resolution: 720×1280 pixels or 1080×1920 pixels
    • File Type: MP4 or MOV
    • File Size: Up to 500MB
    • Sound: Enabled by default; users can control sound playback
    • CTA: Available CTAs include “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” “Download,” and more
  3. Branded Hashtag Challenges:
    • Video Length: 15 seconds or more
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16 or 1:1
    • Resolution: 720×1280 pixels or 1080×1080 pixels
    • File Type: MP4 or MOV
    • File Size: Up to 500MB
    • Sound: Recommended to use sound
    • Hashtag: Include the branded hashtag in the caption
  4. Branded Effects (AR Effects):
    • AR Effect Type: 2D or 3D effects
    • Technical Guidelines: Follow TikTok’s guidelines for creating AR effects
  5. Branded Scan:
    • Scan Trigger Image: High-quality image (JPEG or PNG) that users can scan to activate the AR effect
    • Aspect Ratio: 1:1
    • Resolution: 1080×1080 pixels
    • File Size: Up to 10MB
  6. TikTok LIVE Ads:
    • Format: Live video stream
    • Resolution: 720×1280 pixels or 1080×1920 pixels
    • File Type: MP4 or MOV
    • File Size: Up to 500MB
    • Sound: Enabled by default; users can control sound playback
    • CTA: Available CTAs include “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” “Download,” and more

Please note that these specifications are subject to change, and it’s recommended to refer to TikTok’s official advertising resources for the most up-to-date information.

How To Creat A TikTok Profile For Your Brand

Creating a TikTok profile for your brand requires strategic thinking, creativity, and an understanding of the platform’s audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up and optimize a TikTok profile for your brand:

  1. Download the TikTok App:
    • If you haven’t already, download the TikTok app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign Up:
    • Click the ‘Profile’ icon on the bottom right of the screen.
    • Tap ‘Sign Up’ and select the appropriate method (phone/email, social profiles, etc.).
  3. Choose a Username:
    • Pick a username that aligns with your brand name or is closely related. It should be easy to remember and type. You can change this later, but it’s good to choose wisely from the start.
  4. Profile Settings:
    • Click on the three dots in the top right corner to open the settings menu.
    • Go to ‘Manage Account’ and make any necessary changes, like changing your password or email.
    • If you’re a bigger brand or eligible, you might want to switch to a Pro Account (often referred to as a Business Account). This will give you access to analytics, advertising, and other business-related features.
  5. Add a Profile Picture & Bio:
    • Your profile picture should ideally be your brand logo or something that symbolizes your brand.
    • Your bio should succinctly state what your brand is about. You can also add a link, perhaps to your brand’s website, landing page, or another platform.
  6. Content Strategy:
    • Before posting, think about your content strategy. What does your audience on TikTok want to see? How can you align this with your brand messaging?
    • TikTok is all about trends and creativity. Keep an eye on trending songs, challenges, and effects. Then, see if you can incorporate them into your brand’s content in a genuine, fun way.
  7. Post Regularly:
    • Consistency is key. Even if it’s just a few times a week, keep your content flowing. This will help you grow your audience and maintain visibility.
  8. Engage With Your Audience:
    • Respond to comments, engage with users who use your branded hashtag, and be active on the platform.
    • Consider collaborating with influencers or other brands to increase your reach.
  9. Analyze & Adjust:
    • Regularly check your analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. This will help you understand your audience better and refine your content strategy.
    • The ‘Pro Account’ offers deeper insights into your content and audience, which can be highly beneficial for brands.
  10. Stay Updated:
    • The world of TikTok moves fast, with new trends and features emerging regularly. Stay updated with the latest trends, features, and updates to keep your content fresh and engaging.

How Does TikTok Work?

TikTok is a social media platform primarily designed for sharing short-form video content. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:
  1. User Interface:
    • For You Page (FYP): This is the main feed you’ll see when you open the app. It showcases an algorithmically curated stream of videos based on your interactions, likes, and follows.
    • Following Page: This is the feed of videos from the accounts you follow.
    • Discovery Page: Here, you can search for specific content, see trending hashtags, and discover new popular music on the platform.
  2. Creating Content:
    • Users can record videos directly within the app or upload videos from their device.
    • TikTok allows for video clips up to 60 seconds in length.
    • There are a variety of editing tools, filters, and effects available, including the ability to use popular music snippets as background tracks.
    • Users can also use “duet” or “stitch” features to respond to or interact with other videos.
  3. Algorithm:
    • The TikTok algorithm is a significant part of the platform’s appeal. It uses a combination of user interactions, video information, and device/account information to personalize content for each user.
    • Because of this algorithm, even users with a small follower count can go viral if their content resonates with a broad audience.
  4. Engagement:
    • Users can “like,” comment on, and share videos.
    • Users can also follow accounts they enjoy and send direct messages to friends on the platform.
  5. Monetization:
    • For creators: TikTok has introduced the “Creator Fund” where eligible creators can earn money based on several factors, including the engagement and reach of their videos.
    • For brands: Brands can run various ad campaigns on TikTok, including in-feed videos, branded hashtag challenges, and more.
  6. Sounds and Music:
    • TikTok has a vast library of sounds and music snippets that users can incorporate into their videos. This feature has made TikTok a significant platform for song discovery and promotion.
    • Users can click on a song or sound snippet to see other videos that use the same sound.
  7. Trending Challenges and Hashtags:
    • Challenges are an integral part of the TikTok community. A challenge usually involves users recreating a particular video or type of content, often set to specific music.
    • Hashtags help categorize content and are often used to promote challenges or trends.
  8. Safety and Moderation:
    • Users can report videos, comments, or profiles that violate TikTok’s community guidelines.
    • TikTok uses a combination of AI and human moderation to review reported content.

How Much Do TikTok Ads Cost?

TikTok closely guards its pricing algorithm, which is based on a bid model. At a minimum, campaign-level budgets should be $50/daily, and ad group level budgets must be $20/daily. TikTok Bidding Methods TikTok, like many other online advertising platforms, uses a bidding system for its ads. This allows advertisers to place a bid on how much they’re willing to pay for a particular action on their ad, be it a click, impression, or conversion. Here are the primary bidding methods available on TikTok:
  1. Cost Per Mille (CPM):
    • With CPM bidding, you pay for every 1,000 impressions your ad receives.
    • It’s a commonly used method for brand awareness campaigns where the objective is to reach a broad audience.
  2. Cost Per Click (CPC):
    • With CPC, you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.
    • This is often used for campaigns with specific call-to-action objectives, like driving traffic to a website.
  3. Cost Per View (CPV):
    • CPV is typically used for video campaigns. Here, you pay when someone views your video ad for a particular duration, e.g., 6 seconds or longer.
    • It’s ideal for video branding campaigns where the aim is to ensure that users watch the content.
  4. oCPM (Optimized Cost Per Mille):
    • This method optimizes your CPM bids to show your ads to people more likely to take a desired action, like making a purchase.
    • It’s a blend of CPM and conversion-focused bidding, ensuring you get impressions, but with a higher likelihood of those impressions leading to the desired result.
  5. Cost Per Action (CPA):
    • Here, you’re paying for a specific action taken by the user, like app installations, sign-ups, or purchases.
    • TikTok’s algorithm tries to show your ad to users most likely to take this action, optimizing your ad spend for results.
When deciding on a bidding strategy for TikTok ads, it’s essential to consider:
  • Campaign Objectives: If you’re aiming for brand awareness, CPM might be best. For driving specific actions, CPA or CPC could be more suitable.
  • Budget: Some bidding strategies might require higher budgets to be effective. Consider how much you’re willing to invest and adjust accordingly.
  • Audience: If you have a very targeted audience, optimizing for specific actions (oCPM or CPA) can be very effective. For broader audiences, pure impression-based bidding (CPM) might be more appropriate.
Always remember to monitor and adjust your bids based on the performance metrics and results you’re getting. It’s also a good idea to stay updated with TikTok’s advertising platform since they often introduce new features and bidding options.

Examples of TikTok Advertising Done Right

TikTok has emerged as a vital platform for brands looking to reach younger audiences. Several brands have crafted compelling campaigns that resonate with TikTok users by leveraging platform-specific trends, music, and content creation styles. Here are some examples of TikTok advertising done right:
  1. Chipotle:
    • #GuacDance Challenge: Chipotle capitalized on National Avocado Day by introducing the #GuacDance challenge. They encouraged users to show off their best dance moves, set to a catchy song about guacamole. This campaign resulted in a significant spike in guacamole sales for the brand.
  2. Guess:
    • #InMyDenim Challenge: Guess initiated this challenge as a way to promote its denim line. Users were encouraged to transform from a casual look to a more stylish, denim-clad appearance using the platform’s “jump cut” editing feature.
  3. NBA:
    • The NBA frequently posts behind-the-scenes content, highlights, and engages with popular TikTok trends and challenges. Their approach showcases personality, humor, and a genuine understanding of the platform’s culture.
  4. elf Cosmetics:
    • #elfMagicAct Challenge: elf Cosmetics launched a campaign with a catchy original song that quickly became viral. They encouraged users to showcase their makeup transformations, which aligned perfectly with the platform’s popular “transformation” videos.
  5. Mucinex:
    • #TooSickToBeSick Challenge: Mucinex used Halloween as a backdrop for their campaign, encouraging users to transition from “sick” to “glam” in line with the brand’s message about not letting sickness hold you back.
  6. Nike:
    • Collaborating with influencers, Nike often creates viral challenges and encourages user-generated content, showcasing their products in action.
  7. Converse:
    • They’ve leaned into user-generated content, frequently reposting and interacting with TikTok creators who showcase their products in creative ways.
  8. Universal Pictures:
    • To promote movies, Universal Pictures often collaborates with TikTok influencers, getting them to create content in line with the theme of their latest releases, like using specific movie soundtracks or reenacting iconic scenes.
  9. Pepsi:
    • For their summer campaign, Pepsi engaged with popular creators to showcase fun summer moments with a Pepsi in hand, harnessing the platform’s playful and authentic tone.
  10. Gymshark:
    • Gymshark effectively utilizes TikTok by blending workout videos, challenges, and body positivity messages, encouraging users to showcase their fitness journeys.
A few common threads run through successful TikTok advertising:
  • Engaging with Platform Trends: Brands that resonate on TikTok often tap into current challenges, trends, and platform-specific features.
  • Authenticity: Successful campaigns often have an authentic and genuine feel, avoiding overly polished or traditional advertising aesthetics.
  • Collaboration with Influencers: Partnering with popular TikTok creators can give brands a significant reach and credibility boost, as these influencers understand the platform’s nuances and audience.
  • Encouraging User-Generated Content: Brands that create campaigns that users want to participate in can generate a vast amount of organic reach and engagement.

Remember, TikTok’s audience values creativity, authenticity, and fun. Brands that can seamlessly integrate these elements into their campaigns often see the most success.


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